At long last – Hot off the Press!! Relix, the Book: “The Grateful Dead Experience”

Relix CoverI am super excited to announce the long awaited Relix Book will be available for your enjoyment in a couple of weeks! 

The book is being published by Backbeat Books of the Hal Leonard Publishing group. Check out the Relix Book listing on Backbeat’s website, as well as the tons of great music books in their catalog!  

The Relix Book is AMAZING! Beautiful, high quality “four color art” on all 256 pages with the best photos, artwork, interviews and more from Relix magazine’s first quarter century of rock and roll journalism.  

Mix in fresh material from Toni Brown, longtime Relix Publisher and Editor, with her insight and behind the scenes stories, and the Relix book crackles with energy as an exhilarating read for Deadheads, Rock and Rollers, and Music Freaks of all shapes and size.

Note from the Shameless Promotion Dept: Reserve a signed, limited edition copy today by sending an email to as a gift for the rock and rollers in your world. Trust me, Nothing says “You Rock!” to someone you love better than a Relix Book gift!


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