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“Big” Al Terego, aka Lee Abraham, has been on the bus, albiet somewhere toward the back, since the Grateful Dead played Englishtown in ’78.big-al-terego2

With a life story of twists, turns and fast 180’s, this blog is an outlet of written material from the creative and musical side of his experience.


2 Responses to “Author Profile”

  1. harvey rubin Says:

    Hi Al, my first show was June 67′, Cafe A Go Go Bleeker St. I still remember it and had dinner before the show at a deli across the street and Jerry was the only person in there having dinner and reading the NY Times. I was too scared to go up to him. To Me Phish are terrible. Their Dead wannabes. They try to structure their marketing like the dead. On their studio recordings, they are fine, but live, they are sloppy and not funny. Their music is awful and I can not understand why they are so popular when there are so many better Jam Bands out there. That’s my peace. Take care.

  2. Trissia Says:

    ok my first Grateful Dead shows were Dec. 1986 Oakland Coliseum. First after jerry’s coma. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Never read a blog before and only recently have been interested in learning about them. I love some aspects of technology/modern life and others I want to run away from. Happy to be living life today!

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