Adventures in Music Journalism

Way back when, I did music journalism as a full time gig. After a fifteen year career as a Real Estate Appraiser, I had an opportunity to retire from “main stream reality” in my late thirties to explore life in the wild and wacky music business. And yes, I took it!

At the time, I lived in Las Vegas and weaseled my way into writing for CityLife, the free Art and Entertainment rag there, with a relentless stream of unsolicted CD reviews that the editor, a wonderful guy name Jeff Inman, ultimately began to publish.

I quickly advanced to writing features on local Las Vegas bands and big name acts touring through town. My adventures in music journalism lead me to Ocean Beach in San Diego to be closer to the music scene surrounding a band I was immediately attracted to, my friends “Wise Money Orchestra.”

Somewhere along the way, a friend and local Vegas Arts supportor named DeeDee and her husband Chris, created a website for me to share my stories on the internet.

Journal entries included my exploits traveling with Wise Monkey on the road, all eight to ten or more of ’em on any given tour, from town to town, across the country and up and down the coasts,  in one of their vans.

Other highlights include extended stints in North Carolina and New York City, working with my friend Lee Crumpton on his bread and butter, the Home Grown Music Network, as well as trips to Puerto Rico, San Francisco, New York, and many other ports of call, as a freelancer for Relix magazine, and others.

I ultimately wound up back in O.B. for round two of my time with the Wise Monkey crew. That’s where I met my beautiful wife Marcia and life went in a new, and even more incredible direction…

Check out the action from way back then, on !

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